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Time is changing

Your corporate legal solutions should, too.

Safeguard your global business with a comprehensive, cloud-based compliance solution designed to ensure the compliance of your many legal entities.

LegalTaxi, a cloud based software offering all your compliance solutions at one place. It helps you to keep a track of all your legal and regulatory obligations by providing you a customized list of obligations applicable to your area of business. Legal Taxi provides a centralized repository of all the obligations, access-controlled environment for monitoring status of legal compliances you face. Assign, Review, Track and Archive all your regulatory obligations on the Legal Taxi. Legal Taxi also maintains the currentness of your customized library by providing you regular updates from the regulatory ecosystem.

Compliance obligations are created by our experienced and trained attorney and exhaustive checklists including all the central and state laws. Glimpses of compliance services we provide, we provide customized compliance services as per your industry/business need :

  • Corporate Compliances
  • EHS Compliances
  • Information Technology/Data Protection Compliances
  • HR & Payroll Compliances
  • Tax Compliances
  • Labor Compliances
  • Customized Obligations Library

    Have all your regulatory obligations at one place online. Legal taxi and their knowledge partners will create a library specific to your line of business. A conclusive list of obligations will be uploaded on to your Legal Taxi Account.

    Workflow Management

    Monitor and supervise you organizations’ compliance activities at one place.

      1. With a customizable 3 levels of task assignment at the following levels viz. Executor, Reviewer and Approver. You can set target dates for the execution.
      2. Automated email notifications are sent when the task becomes due of any assignment is made.

    Update Services

    The obligations charted out are regularly updated by the Legal Taxi Team in line with the regulatory updates. Receive general notifications of changes and a customized quarterly report on all the updates in law.

    Customized Contracts Templates and Tool

    Engaging our LegalTaxi software can help you better manage, archive and maintain you contracts repository.
    Our Features include:

      1. Create contracts & capability to generate dynamic agreements.
      2. Negotiate, Approve and Execute Contracts.
      3. Manage, Review and Amend Contracts.

    Providing compliance solutions in US, UK, Singapore and other 23 Countries across the globe


    “Mind Merchants is a competent and cost effective Service provider for all Compliance related issues and projects. Led by their young and dynamic CEO, Dilpreet Sidhu, the team is highly motivated, knowledgeable and efficient. Their main USP is to work as a team with the organization they are helping with Compliance assessment/analysis and to provide practical solutions to major flashpoints/issues. This coupled with their vast repertoire of laws & regulations and software tools made them our preferred Compliance partner.”

    Pradeep Srivastava
    Vice President - Legal | Energy Business
    Hindustan Powerprojects Private Limited